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Postby Laura@MASS » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:47 pm

From John Drake (askmass)-

Hi all,

The decision has been made to close active posting on the BodyBuilding Supplements Forum.

Frankly, the overriding reason for this is all the spam both members and the web team have been dealing with for years now. I know many phpBB boards were abandoned long ago because of this, and we delayed making this difficult but necessary decision a long time ourselves.

Following years of increasingly less effective efforts to combat the spammers, the writing was on the wall when it came to the point we had to set the BodyBuilding Supplements Forum site restrictions to the maximum level which required all new comments to be pre-approved as spam free before being posted. As well, a long back-and-forth process was implemented to vet new membership registrations in an effort to keep the daily swarm of spam accounts at bay.

We believe very strongly in unrestricted, free speech, and with all these restrictions in place to combat the endless stream of spammers it took the fun and unhindered freedom out of posting for members, while adding endless hours of work for the web team behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, these spammers now have sophisticated bots which can "jump the fence" of even the strongest restrictions designed to curtail them. Still, we may launch a new style BodyBuilding Supplements forum in the future if one proves as well rounded as phpBB was originally.

This said, there is an incredible amount of useful and engaging information and advice to be found here, forged for over a decade. This archive will remain online indefinitely from our servers as a free resource of tips and techniques. The search function will remain fully active, so for all you lurkers, feel free to research to your hearts content. And, for current news updates and links to the popular Q&A forum, bodybuilding supplements blog and for answers to any questions you might have please visit us here-

Thank you to the 1696 registered contributors and the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the BodyBuilding Supplements Forum over all the years.

Thank you for the insightful and inspirational discussions, and for the great friendships in fitness built and shared within this community.

To Muscle, Fitness and Vibrant Health!

John Drake
CEO, MASS BodyBuilding Supplements



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